Property Investment Blueprint

How to Predictably Grow Your Property Portfolio to Achieve Financial Freedom

"Gary has been an invaluable mentor who genuinely enjoys what he does - that is helping his students strive for success and teaching others. Gary readily passes on his wealth of knowledge and analytical thinking gained over the years from his own journey and experiences, and comes up with creative solutions and deal propositions for every cause. You want Gary on your team!"

- Lynda Ea, Civil Engineer & Investor

"With Gary's help, we have grown a 8 property portfolio worth almost $10mil since 2013!

Our property portfolio has allowed us not just grow our wealth, but also allowed me to quit my low paying government job, and pursuit my passion in starting my own business!

Thank you Gary!"

- Leo Chen, Mortgage Adviser, Custom Finance

Are You Struggling to Get Into Property Investment?

Or are you stuck and don't know how to take your property investment to the next level?

Breakthrough To Achieve Massive Results In Your Property Wealth!

  • Are you lacking the right property knowledge and strategy?
  • Are you stuck in your investment journey and can't take the next step?
  • Do you feel that you are stuck in the rat race, but property investing seems too difficult?
  • Do you ever procrastinate that you know you ‘should’ start investing right away?
  • Are you afraid of not knowing what the market is up to?
  • Are you struggling to get the right guidance, and help you need?
  • Do you need a peer group to motivate you and hold you accountable?

If you can relate to any of the above, I can help!

I can show you…

  • How to safely and predictably invest in any town, and city across New Zealand
  • How to set your own property investing strategy and buying rules
  • How to set goals that motivate you and direct you to property success
  • How to do your market research and become a suburb expert
  • How to avoid buying lemons and knowing the types of properties to walk away from
  • How to identify properties with massive potential and awesome to buy

"Gary has been instrumental in me getting back onto the property investment ladder. I actually started investing before Gary did, but I didn't have the right guidance and strategy, and was basically trialing with a lot of errors on the way.

Within two months of Gary's help, I bought 3 properties in two weeks!

Gary was really hands on with helping look at properties on site, and bidding for me at the auctions as well. I really appreciated Gary's proactive approach to coaching!"

- Matt Dawe, Mortgage Broker,

Property Investment Blueprint

The Breakthrough Online Course For Property Investors

Each section consists of short, yet EXTREMELY effective video lessons

Section 1: Basics Atlas: Laying The Foundations For Success

The first section is to lay the basics foundation your success in property. You must know the core principals which are essential to growing a sustainable property investment portfolio.

This is the Atlas and the essential users map that covers the following:

  • Goal setting - Understand what it takes for you to achieve financial freedom
  • Time management - Effective time management hacks
  • Knowing the basics - ie yield, capital gain, cashflow, etc
  • Understand the property clock
  • Creating a power team
  • Understand accounting fundamentals
  • Which type of properties to buy and not to buy
  • Set your own tailored personal buying rules and strategy

"Gary helped me find a property which I likely would not have looked at without his eye for a great property, he helped me analyse and decide what to do with it before and after purchase.

With his clear analytical approach it was easy to see the potential in the property, I also looked at a number of other properties before buying with Gary and although my junior in years he was able to teach an old dog plenty."

- Ross Corlett, Property Investor

Section 2: Roadmap: Your Step By Step Guide in Buying Property Deals

There is no point reading a book, watch a video, attend seminars without taking action

Knowledge alone is not power. Taking action and converting knowledge through action into wisdom is true power!

In this section you will learn each practical steps in buying the ideal property. This is the process I went through buying each of my 14 properties over the past 8 years. It is the exact process my students follow in buying over $50 million dollars of properties:

  • Step 1: Step by step of getting finance approved
  • Step 2: Finding Properties - detail practical step by step and practical examples of how to do market research, and pick the best city/town and suburb to invest in, and how to become a market expert.
  • Step 3: Buying Properties - teaches you how to search and buy properties massively under market value to create instant profit!
  • Step 4: Add Value With Renovations - adding value through budget renovations to boost more equity gain.
  • Step 5: Renting Your Property - step by step in finding quality tenants, and manage your properties long term.
  • Step 6: Top Up and Refinance - Key to shortening the time between buying each property so you can keep buying the next property to grow your portfolio.

"Gary is truly an excellent property wealth coach. we started off with limited knowledge he broadened our horizon and gave us a lot useful & practical advice. Now we are more confident in property market"

- Alina & Kevin, Audiologist

Section 3: Advanced Investing

Once you have purchased a few properties, the game has just begun.

Learn how to:

  • Grow a rich mindset along with your property wealth
  • Continue grow your property portfolio with smart strategies
  • Maximise your time and return on investment
  • Overcome cashflow and equity challenges
  • Diversify and balance your property investment portfolio to sustain growth
  • Avoid distraction lanes that come in your way in life
  • Knowing when to sell to keep growing your portfolio
  • New content updates

Who Is This Blueprint Program Designed For?

  • The person who wants to get out of the rat race with property
  • The person who wants to build long term wealth
  • The person who is lacking knowledge and the right strategy
  • Someone who wants to be part of a successful property investment mastermind group
  • Someone who wants accountability and stay motivated in property

"Gary has a great knowledge of how to increase value in property by doing renovations and has great support network."

- David Pike, Commercial Insurance Broker

"Probably the best coach you could find in Auckland. Every piece of Gary's advice is valuable. Talk to him today and start learning"

- Bryan Li, Intellectual Lawyer

Wait There Is MORE!

You will also get access to the powerful Property Investing Gym, where successful investors work out!

  • Weekly market updates every week
  • Live Q & A sessions every week
  • Live demonstrations of popular topics
  • Regular exclusive interviews with Gary's Power Team only accessible to Blueprint and Gym members
  • New content continuously added to the course program
  • Property Investing Gym membership worth up to $588 FREE for the first year
  • Life time access to the online course program
  • Access to further one on one coaching with me or one of my elite coaches


"What makes Gary different from stereo types is that he is truly passionate about properties from all angles and he was into it when market wasn't that flash.

People learn lot more when they like something they do and Gary is that guy. His knowledge on concurrent economy, Property cycle, market behavior, area knowledge, adding value, good understanding on rental market on area where he operates etc are in depth which allowed him to build up a successful portfolio for himself and being able to put himself in position today where he can offer his experience to others.

I personally think he is one of the very few competent coach i know."

- Sunvi Ahsan, Property Trader & Investor

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Gary's coaching has been tested and proven to work. We are so sure you will love the results you get from the program that we stand fully behind our work.

If you have attended and sit through all the video sessions in full, and are not fully satisfied with your results, we will provide additional one on one coaching until you are satisfied, or your money back.

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